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About Naked Sea Salt

Naked Sea Salt is an Israel based social enterprise with corporate HQ in the UK and operations and manufacture based  in Israel, committed to regional cooperation and protecting the Dead Sea. Our gourmet crystal mineral salt is naturally harvested from the lowest place on earth in an environmentally friendly manner by a Palestinian family owned business and made under license by 424 Salt. NakedSea donates 3% of our Net Sales to the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies to help promote Dead Sea awareness and preservation programs. NakedSeaSalt is kosher certified and a healthy alternative to processed salts. NakedSea partners with AbesMarket for US sales & distribution. 

Naked Sea Salt is a premium gourmet cooking salt from the Dead Sea and it has the richest mineral content of any salt in existence. This unique salt is based on the ancient forgotten traditions of preparing salt for Pharaohs and Kings believing it would increase their longevity and vitality.
It's also:
  • all-natural,
  • low-sodium,
  • harvested using traditional, sustainable methods,
  • free of chemical processing, additives, or refinement, and
  • blended with herbs and spices to create different flavors.

Salt from the Dead Sea contains thirty-two different minerals, twenty one of which are uniquely concentrated in this salt, in higher levels than in any other. All of these are important to your body. Minerals like: magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, and zinc.
Not only does Naked Sea Salt have more minerals that any other salt, it has these minerals in ten times the concentrations found in refined table salt. Its closest natural competitor is Himalayan Pink Salt. Naked Sea Salt has three times more active minerals than even Himalayan Pink Salt.

However, it's not just the remarkably high concentration of minerals that makes Naked Sea Salt unique. It’s also that the presence of those minerals in the salt limits the percentage of sodium chloride in each crystal

Unlike other low-sodium products, Naked Sea Salt doesn't compensate for its sodium deficit by amping up the percentages of potassium-chloride alone; the wondrous Dead Sea waters create a salt with a naturally diverse and balanced array of minerals that results in in a lower percentage of sodium chloride in each salt crystal.

Incredible Flavor

We've mixed the salt with spices and herbs to create sixteen gourmet flavors. Each one has been tested and re-tested (and tested again, just for good measure) with chefs, foodies, and other taste aficionados, to ensure just the right balance of salt and season.

Some flavors are bold and exotic, like Sweet Orange & Chili, Green Seaweed, Mint & Sun-Dried Tomato. Others dazzle as much with color as taste, like Black Carbon-Infused or Velvet Plum Merlot. Others still fuse the garden and the grinder, like Aromatic Rosemary, Old English Dill, or Garden Spinach.
Like it hot? Try the Chili & Black Pepper. Like it smoky? Try the Savory Slow-Smoked. For the Mediterranean in a pinch, sprinkle Kalamati Olive or Mediterranean Garlic. For Eastern flair, grab Garlic & Ginger. Or, if you're a classicist, choose the simplicity of Brilliant Crystal or Black Peppercorn.


If we keep saying the word "natural" over and over, it's because it's so important to us that Naked Sea Salt contains NO chemicals, additives, food dyes, or artificial refinement of any kind. We harvest the salt from the Dead Sea. All we add along the way are the spices and herbs that go into each flavor (i.e., deliciousness, like rosemary, ginger, garlic, and dill).

Traditional Harvest

We're using harvesting methods that have been around for centuries - the traditional and sustainable kind. The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (AIES), a leading environmental organization committed to water preservation and rehabilitation in the region, has worked with us to ensure that our operations will have no significant impact on the Dead Sea's water levels or surrounding environment.

Economic Cooperation

We're also committed to supporting the region economically. Naked Sea Salt represents a joint venture between Israelis and Palestinians, working together to share this product with the rest of the world. We believe that economic cooperation can be a powerful tool for peace and we want to do our part.


What is wrong with using refined salt?

Historically, salt comes in thousands of variations—different colors, different textures, from places across the globe. Yet all we see in supermarkets is a product that looks and tastes exactly the same.

That white stuff you see everywhere? That’s refined salt. What most people are sprinkling on their food is a salt that has been stripped of its mineral content. It’s been heated, washed in chemicals, and laced with additives. In other words: completely disconnected from the flavor and richness of natural salt.
Why? Well, most of the salt that these companies refine and sell doesn’t get eaten. It gets used in all kinds of industries, in deicing, in chemical manufacturing, in the production of things like dye, rubber, and detergent. After petroleum, salt is the second biggest chemical feedstock in the world. And so what matters to those industries isn't mineral depth or flavor, but isolating sodium chloride in its purest and cheapest form.

Just think about that for a minute: the salt that you’re getting is made by companies who aren’t even thinking about you and your needs. This is how we get stuck with the salt that fills the shelves today—bags and cylinders and grinders of blindingly white crystals, devoid of minerals and flavor, and loaded with artificial additives, like anti-caking agents, so the salt doesn’t clump together.

But it’s important to remember: this kind of large-scale, mechanized salt production is a 20th century development. For most of recorded history, salt has been a natural, whole food, tied to a specific place and way of life.

At Naked Sea Salt, we are dedicated to bringing authentic, healthy salt back to tables and kitchens around the world—improving the flavor of every day food and naturally replenishing the minerals your body needs.

We want every meal to contain an element of adventure. The gourmet flavors we've created are not for the faint of heart. They're all about getting a modern, creative twist out of an ancient, elemental mineral. We want to give your cooking and seasoning new opportunities for boldness, intensity, and complexity, changing the way you think about salt and putting a healthier alternative to refined salt on your table, for you and your guests.